As a courtesy to our customers, we at PFA also provide FREE APPLICATION SUPPORT with our capacity to review mold and die layouts in a variety of CAD formats. We encourge our customers to send us their initial designs and will provide our recommendations for size, orientation, shutoffs, stops, etc., and point out any possible limitations of the proposed design affecting proper core preloading.
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Our Applications Specialists have reviewed literally thousands of applications. Let our experience work for you! Email your files to us at and we will be happy to share our experience on some of the most challenging molds ever built. As consulted experts in retrofits and "doing the impossible", we pride ourselves as a resource to those of you in search of zero flash performance.

We accept and can open 2D and 3D files in a wide variety of formats. Typically we will not have a problem opening whatever you send, so please email it. A list of acceptable file types for AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced is also available.